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When required to write an essay with a specific word count, it is important to put the facts on the ground before writing anything. For instance, you can break down your essay length by determining the number of pages to write. Well, a standard academic paper written in Times new roman font size 12 double-spaced usually has between 275 – 300 words per page. This gives you a rough idea of the number of pages you will be required to write.

A 1000-word essay has between 3-4 pages going by APA writing style of double space Times new roman font size 12. It is always good to picture this in your mind to understand the number of words you need to write different parts of the essay. These words may be many or few based on the kind of topic you have chosen to write about.

Meeting the 1000-word Requirement for Your Essay

If you have been asked to complete your essay in 1000 words, there are important things that you should do. Planning out your essay before writing will help you realize this objective. Here are the important things that you should do:

  • Research on your topic. A proper understanding of your chosen topic will give you an easy time writing your essay. Therefore, ensure that you have all facts and information with you before proceeding on to write anything. It will help you to capture important information only and leave out the rest for other parts of your essay. 
  • Prepare an outline. Prepare a list of items that you will be writing about. Make sure you understand the objective of writing your essay and point out key parts of the essay such as the introduction, the body, and the conclusion of your essay. There should be several items to talk about in between the introduction and the conclusion.
  • Distribute your word count to key essay parts. Take a broad look at your essay and distribute the word count. For instance, you may take 100 words to do an introduction to your topic and 50 words to conclude. Therefore, the remaining 850 words will be used for the essay body development.
  • Write your Essay Body guided by the required word count. Now that you have 850 words left to write your body, ensure that you have identified the number of items to capture in your body. If there are 10 points to write about, an even distribution of these words will ensure 85 words for each point.

It is always recommended to have an even distribution of words for each point in your body section to write a balanced essay. At the end of it all, you will have written a 1000-word essay effectively.


You can write your 1000-word essay without any issues when you take the time to plan. Listing the areas or points to cover in your writing will help you do a proper distribution of the word count. It is important to ensure that your essay looks balanced through word count distribution.

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